Hi! I’m Glory,
and I’m a Web Designer.

I have been creating engaging online experiences since 2008, when I developed my first website for my first business, which was a luxury stationery studio.

I found myself rebuilding my site constantly. Not because it needed it, but because I loved the process of design & development.

I began working more with branding clients and on developing visual identities, and soon my graphic design clients began taking notice of my web design skills. Due to word-of-mouth and the fantastic support of my clients, I made the full time shift to web design in 2014.

I get to know you, your brand and execute that voice, flawlessly.

Every. Time.

My clients tend to be pretty rad

Impact Investing
…And You!

I specialize in creating innovative, functional, and distinctive online brand experiences for my clients, based on their unique needs and goals. Because I approach each unique project as if I were a potential customer, I get to really dive deep into what each of my clients could benefit from a user perspective. And then I implement strategies and solutions that will convert visitors into customers.

Rather than specializing in a particular industry and popping out the same boiler-plate websites all day, I have a client-type – they tend to be innovators, people who make an impact, who shake up the common conceptions of how their industries operate, people who promote social, environmental, and personal well-being.

They are awesome people doing awesome things and they need an awesome online presence to match.

Creating value through true convergence

Let’s Create Something Extraordinary Together

User Interface and User Experience. In Harmony

WordPress websites the way they were meant to be

By thoughtfully considering both UX and UI elements of design and information architecture, I create websites that are as stunning as they are functional. Designed  to inspire. Designed to engage. Designed to convert.

Bespoke WordPress Websites

Bespoke websites that are mobile responsive, load quickly, look pretty, and are user-friendly.

Rapid Deployment Websites

My streamlined process means you get a customized website from start to finish in about a week.

Graphic Design & Creative

Visual identity, branding, vibe design, marketing materials, social media guidelines, proposals and reports – all of these land in the realm of creative.

Marilyn R.

What My Clients Say!

“Certainly you are very talented, but I really appreciated your quick responses and flexibility any time changes were needed. It is always somewhat of a risk to work with someone you have never met in person and through the internet, but I felt very good about our first few communications that I did not hesitate to engage your services for this project. It has really been a pleasure to work with you.”

Michelle B.

What My Clients Say!

THANK YOU!! You were so helpful and I love my new look! Thank you for being so patient! And thank you for the beautiful design! Imma recommend you to everyone!

Samir S.

What My Clients Say!

Thanks so much for your efforts and diligence in working with us. As we progress I’m sure we will be coming back to you with additions to the site. 

Alyssa A.

What My Clients Say!

The most amazing web partner ever! Thank you!