Project Name

Deetken Insight

The Mission: Transform a boring, text heavy website into an interesting, interactive space where Deetken’s knowledge and expertise in managment consulting and data analytics can shine.

The Challenge

Deetken Insight came to me with an underwhelming website that did not speak to their company culture and did not showcase their creative approach to solving problems for their clients. They needed a website that was engaging, intriguing, visually stimulating, and well-organized. Because they showcase a number of case-studies and high-level information, a lot of text was necessary, so I was tasked to develop out-of-the-box solutions to presenting it so as to not overwhelm the user, and to give them an engaging and interactive experience.   

My Approach

We decided a complete overhaul starting from scratch was necessary. Starting with moving them from Squarespace to WordPress, which would give them a lot more options with regard to presenting information (which would and did require significant development and not just design). Utilizing some old but still good web design tactics like image mapping, I was able to create pages within pages that would be accessible depending on where a user clicked on a custom graphic. Several other information content changes were created through out the site based on click events, which helped keep scrolling to a minimum, reducing user apathy and encouraging engagement.

The Results

Moving from Squarespace to WordPress, we created an entirely new user experience incorporating many interactive elements, showcasing their data driven approach to management consulting. 

Attracted 15 new talented employees since the redesign

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“Every great design begins with an even better story.”

— Lorinda Mamo, designer

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