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My streamlined process sets us up for lightning fast turn-around for your customized website.

What You Can Expect

That’s right – give me 7 days and I will give you a website that will get your business buzzing. My streamlined process sets us up for lightning fast turnaround for your site. And it includes lots of extras you won’t find elsewhere.

It starts with a layout template (I’ve got over 300 website layout packs, so this isn’t a one-and-done, every site is the same kind of deal) and from that I develop a semi-customized website designed to suit your unique brand and needs.

Your Aesthetic

Your style, your colors, your fonts, your brand. You will receive a website that perfectly reflects your brand and captures the vibe you want to create.

Fully Responsive

No matter what platform or device your user is on, your website will look snazzy and function properly.

User focused. Goal oriented.

Your website is designed to guide your user in an intuitive and organized way in an effort to get conversions on your goal points. 

Seven Content Pages

Populated with your words and images. Includes Homepage, Contact page, About page, Service page (or upgrade to a small Shop page), & Blog page. I also include a cookie policy page, and privacy policy page (required by law) and strongly suggest a terms of use page.

Premium Integrations Included

I include and configure a number of premium features and plugins, like cookie banners, ADA compliance, on-page SEO, image optimization and lazy load, google analytics, schema, and contact forms. Because I want your website to work for you from the start, I include these premium features at no additional cost.


Not sure where to start for hosting, domain transfers, url redirects? No worries, I’ve got your back. And once your website has launched, I will standby to make sure everything continues to look and function properly with a month of free maintenance and monitoring.

Business Specific Functionality

  • CRM integration for list builders
  • Instagram carousel for bloggers
  • Portfolios of work for contractors
  • Events timetables for speakers
  • Menus for restaurants
  • Galleries for photographers
  • Payment acceptance, etc.
    *Additional functionality options may add additional time to the scope of the project. Depending on the scope, these items may incur an additional fee. We will discuss all the details during our discovery call.

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How it works

Website in a Week is a misnomer…

My Website in a Week involves 2 weeks to a month of planning and pre-design work.

The execution takes a week.

I can give you a cookie-cutter website overnight… but it would be gorgeous garbage.

It wouldn’t work for you. And it would be a waste of money.

But if you want a rapidly deployed website that is customized for you and designed to acheive your goals… 

Website in a Week is for you!

1. Discovery Phase

Submit a discovery questionnaire so I can get to know you, your business, and your needs. Then schedule a phone call so we can discuss your project in detail and I can answer any questions you may have.

2. Book Your Week

Feel like we are a match? Sweet! I’ll send you a link to book your week and pay your initial installment. Once I receive your initial installment and you schedule your week, you will receive a private link to your website mark-up dashboard where you will view a  currated website design that I have chosen specifically for you in keeping with your voice and style, your branding, and your goals as discussed in our discovery session.

3. Website Mark-up Dashboard

Once I receive your initial installment, I get to work customizing a website for you – before your official week even begins! Your dashboard will include a templated layout with notes regarding all the customizations we will make to make it 100% true to you -text changes you may want to consider, image options (and where to find alternatives), places to upload your social media profiles, your branding assets, key phrase suggestions, etc. This is where we will do the pre-planning for your website build week.

Your final installment payment will be due three days before your Website in a Week is scheduled to begin.

4. Website Week Begins

Customization begins on the Monday of your week, but I’ve already set up your private sandbox site, and loaded it up with all the backend magic needed to make this build fast and easy. On Wednesday afternoon, our website mark-up dashboard will be updated with your fully customized site where you can easily submit revision requests. Revision requests are due Thursday by noon, with finalization of design completed Friday.

5. Migration and Magic

The Monday following your Website in a Week start date, once your final revisions have been completed and everything looks perfect, we will migrate everything to your server (this can be self-hosted or managed by me), and I will install and configure a multitude of functionality, seo, security, analytics, and compliance integrations and plugins. Your site is live by noon-ish. All the additional wizardry happens behind the scenes throughout the day.

6. Support

I provide a month of support, including actively testing and tweaking your site as necessary to make sure it is operating at it’s full potential. This includes optimizations to increase page load speed and SEO tweaks to help you increase your exposure. You will also receive video tutorials on how to create blog posts, and how to make minor changes to text and images on your site. And of course I will check in with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Website in a Week Template Examples

With over 300 layout packs to choose from, and almost 3000 page layouts, the design options are almost limitless and we are sure to find a design you will love.  And here’s the thing… what you see is not what you get. I use a layout as the foundation for your customized Website in a Week. This layout template can be modified to suit your needs, your branding, and your functional requirements. Love a layout, but you need a shop add-on – No problem! Love a layout, but need a gallery – No problem! Love a layout but want more CTA’s – Done! We can tweak and add and edit to get the look you are going for and to achieve your goals.

Once you book your week, you will receive a link to our website mark-up dashboard with a curated layout template chosen just for you – based on your functional needs, your business goals, and your brand vibe. These are just some examples of what is in my collection, and although they are displayed as industry specific, I can modify any design to suit any industry or product. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Website in a Week cost?

Website in a Week is $2499.00 USD, broken into two payments – an initial non-refundable installment to book and begin your website build, and final payment due 3 days prior to website week.


How do I book my week?

Once I receive your design questionnaire I will follow up with a short phone call so we can touch base and I can be sure to answer any questions you may have. If you decide to proceed, I will send you a link where you can submit your initial installment payment, as well as a link to book your week in my schedule.

How do I know what information you need from me?

After you book you’ll receive a link to our website mark-up dashboard that will walk you through the process of gathering all the items you will need to make your website 100% true to your brand – the text you’ll need, image suggestions, video suggestions, social media profiles, your branding, key phrase suggestions, etc. I am always available for guidance and suggestions if you get stuck. 

Can you help set-up hosting?

Absolutely! I am happy to help! I recommend using Dreamhost or SiteGround for wordpress websites. If you need me to set it all up for you, just let me know during our initial discovery call.

Do I need to be available during website design week?

You will need to be accessible via text and email during Website Design Week in order to make sure we can get designs finalized on schedule. By Wednesday your customized website is ready for review, and communication will be key from then until finalization on Friday.

Is It possible to include a shop feature?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your Website in a Week to include a shop. Pricing varies depending on number of items listed, as well as necessary integrations for payment processors, automations, etc. We can discuss the details during our discovery call and I will be able to give you an estimate for your custom shop feature at that time. Depending on your needs, this may require additional time. 

Have more questions? Let’s chat!