Project Name

Deetken Impact

The Mission: Create a visual identity and website that will appeal to younger, socially & environmentally conscious investors

The Challenge

Deetken Impact came to me prior to launching their first impact investing fund. They were looking for a visual identity and a website that would appeal to younger, more socially conscious investors. Over the years, as their company has grown and added several funds and programs to their portfolio, the challenge has been to organize a vast amount of information on their website in a way that promotes engagement and defies information overload.

My Approach

I created a number of custom graphics, the most important of which was the “Globe Bank” that has been the symbol of their company since launching.

The website uses several interactive elements that also serve to limit information apathy. They have a lot of information to share and we wanted to make sure that we presented it in an easily digestible way.

The Results

Deetken Impact is an impact investment firm that focuses on investment opportunities and projects throughout the Americas that support women entrepreneurship, clean energy, small enterprises, health, and education. I successfully created a brand identity and website that would appeal to both younger investors as well as institutional investors.

They went from $5 million in investments to over $150 million in five years with my help

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“Every great design begins with an even better story.”

— Lorinda Mamo, designer

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